Jarle H. Hvidsten is a Norwegian photography artist. Over the past seven years, he has made a significant return to the world of analog photography, During this time, he meticulously constructed a high-end darkroom where he painstakingly completes the majority of his work.
Jarle's passion is introducing the world to Scandinavian culture and tradition. Old world craftsmanship is his signature style fused with an art director's sense of context and composition. His impeccably lit work displays an appetite for detail and a deep understanding and connection with what's in front of his lens. 
Jarle started out as a photography assistant at The Norwegian Maritime Museum and has an educational background from Coventry Polytechnics, Central St. Martins, London and Westerdals School of Communication. Jarle has worked in the advertising industry throughout his entire career with clients such as Leica, Lexus, BMW and The Norwegian Church. He has also the founder of the niche brand SPTZBRGN.
In recent years, Jarle's artistic path has taken a more profound and personal turn. He has embarked on self-made and hand-sewn photo books and gallery exhibitions. These endeavors reflect his desire for a deeper connection with his craft, allowing him to share his unique perspective on photography in a more intimate and authentic manner.

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